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Experience a total piece of mind with Ganjina Real Estate’s Property Asset Management Solutions.

Property Management and it's benefit:

To keep it simple, property management is a third party company appointed by most Landlords who care for their property and value the relationship they have towards the income generating Tenants! Property management companies take appropriate actions to manage the tenancy of a given property on behalf of the property owner.
This involves listing, property viewings, qualifying tenants, rent collection, documentation, arranging move in, rent deposit to account, assisting with utility and attestation services, dispute handling, maintenance assistance.

There are several reasons why a Landlord must sign up with Property Management, and that too at the soonest possible:

Piece of Mind

One of the most important reasons sign up for property management is to avoid the hassles of renting out a property. Yes, hassles. Maybe lots of them! The tenant might have urgent issues and could keep ringing you in the middle of the night, during your off or when you are traveling abroad! These issues need to be addressed for you to maintain a good relationship with the tenant. After all, you are earning income from this rent

International Landlords

For Landlords who aren’t in the country, property management is the only option to have everything done on your behalf when it comes to renting out. Including deposit of rent to foreign accounts, deductions of maintenance fees or service charges and making these payments to developer offices on your behalf, arranging miscellaneous service like application of lost Access cards or having the condition of your property assessed during tenant move out.


Some of the basic duties of a Property management company is to find tenants and qualify them on behalf of the Landlord. Rent needs to be collected and documentation completed.

Payment default

It may get frustrating if the rent payment is not made on time or the rental check is returned by the bank due to insufficient funds! Just imagine yourself chasing down Tenants for payment defaults and persuading them to pay up! Do you really want to be doing this? Just hire a property management service and let the experts do it for you!

Easy to find quality tenant

A property which has been covered with property management is far more attractive to tenants because they know that their requirements will be handled by a professional, impartial company acting on behalf of the Landlord. Most of the tenants enquire for properties that have property management.

Corporate tenants

Some of the corporate tenants have a minimum requirement for a property they rent to be property managed. Maybe it’s an internal company policy or due to their past experiences, but the chances of a corporate client renting a property managed unit is far higher than one without it.

Increase value of Property

It’s a known fact that Property management increases the value of a property. Because in a property managed unit, the maintenance issues are resolved and tenant complaints handled on time, there won’t be any maintenance issues that the tenant may have hidden from the Landlord in order to avoid chasing an unresponsive Landlord. When the owner lists this property that has been managed for several years, it’s Sale value will be far higher than a similar unit that has never had any property management service on it.

Ganjina Property Management Solutions:

Our Property Management service is transferrable, the number of remaining days of property management can be transferred to the new Owner by way of new agreements, this makes your property quite attractive to prospective buyers.

The most important thing to note is that when you sign up with Ganjina Property Management service, we only activate the Property Management service from the date of us finding you a tenant!

This means you can sign up with us today, we work to get you a tenant and the Ganjina Property Management service that you choose, will be valid for 1 year from the date of Tenancy!


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