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List your Property

Getting your property listed for Sale or Rent isn’t an easy job! Especially when you will need to deal with 4-5 real estate agents daily, and this is apart from the tiresome work that you already do every day not to mention your personal life! Let the professionals handle this! With an organized marketing structure followed by professional real estate agents, we at Ganjina Real Estate offer to reduce your headaches. We can be the go-to agency for your Real Estate requirements.


Multiple enquiries, same client​

Knowingly or unknowingly, buyer/tenants could have enquired with several property agents who have got the same listing. These enquiries when passed on to the Owner might create a false hope for him/her to believe that there are ample enquiries in the market, when it’s the same client’s enquiry that has been duplicated! It’s best to avoid this kind of a confusion especially in a Sale deal as it generally takes a month for the whole transaction and maintaining a good relationship with the buyer is essential. Just imagine having to sign the agreement with that same buyer, whom you may have denied previously but eventually signed with another broker!!​

Protect your Selling/Renting price​

When a property owner lists with 3-5 different real estate agencies, there’s a good chance that the Listed price will be affected because of negative competition. The same Buyer/Tenant, knowingly or unknowingly, could use 2-3 different agents who have listed the same property to get a better price. With the Exclusive mandate, the broker knows your asking price and the chances of getting a price close to your asking price is far higher.


When the property is Exclusively listed with just one Agent, there is no or minimal chance of incorrect or false information being presented to Buyers/Tenants. ​


An agent who has been assigned an Exclusive listing, is more of an Owner’s agent because the agent is accountable to the commission being paid by the Owner and more importantly is accountable to the trust showed in him/her by the property owner. ​

The responsibility of being appointed an Exclusive agent motivates a real estate agent to employ all possible marketing resources to Sell or Rent out your property on a much quicker basis.


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A Discreet Listing or a private listing is when your property listing is not directly listed on the portals or social media in the local market. The marketing is mainly focused on International markets to find you the Buyer.
Sometimes it so happens in life that you might haven’t disclosed to your friends, neighbors or colleagues, about your intention to Sell your property and move elsewhere. Maybe you are waiting for the right time to reveal the sad news!
It might be slower than Exclusive and Open listings, but a Discreet listing allows you to achieve the purpose it’s meant to be, being discreet!
Don’t let your listing become a Stale listing! A major advantage with Discreet listing is that it keeps the listed time period discreet, with the current market scenario where buyers are few but properties are many, the buyers generally get to know about the period a particular property has been available in the market.. This will eventually lead to a much lesser offer being made by the buyer.
With Ganjina’s Discreet Listing service you get all the anonymous benefits from Ganjina Exclusive Listing and ultimate service that’s discreet but transparent.

Property Management and it’s benefits:

To keep it simple, property management is a third party company appointed by most Landlords who care for their property and value the relationship they have towards the income generating Tenants! Property management companies take appropriate actions to manage the tenancy of a given property on behalf of the property owner.
This involves listing, property viewings, qualifying tenants, rent collection, documentation, arranging move in, rent deposit to account, assisting with utility and attestation services, dispute handling, maintenance assistance.
There are several reasons why a Landlord must sign up with Property Management, and that too at the soonest possible: