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Affordable Beach Homes

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We all know that buying a piece of real estate directly on a given beach could get quite expensive! We also know that we might need to be an ultra-rich millionaire to buy beachfront property! But not in Ras Al Khaimah!
Located in the United Arab Emirates, it is the northern most emirate in the country and often preferred as a beach getaway destination by visitors from outside the country and Dubai residents alike. Whether you are looking to visit Ras al Khaimah for employment, education, travel or just looking for a nice place to retire. It’s a very good alternative to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, mainly because of the low cost of living, lesser traffic and affordable hotels or lower real estate prices. You still get to enjoy the sun, the sand and the desert! Many people believe that there aren’t any affordable beach homes in Dubai, but this isn’t entirely true.
As per various data, most of the places that command a high price per square feet include Monaco, London, Hong Kong and Singapore, although not in order but these are the places that usually turn up in most of the ‘expensive lists’ when it comes to properties. Dubai comes way below in this list of expensive real estate prices. The good news is that the real estate prices in Ras Al Khaimah is far more affordable than in Dubai.
Ras al Khaimah boasts of having some of the cheapest beach villas for sale that are Freehold and in a peacefully safe environment. Mina al Arab which literally means Port of Arabia, is a waterfront community that has been developed and still under development by RAK Properties. Highlight include two world class hotel brands under construction and affordable beachfront properties with long payment plans of upto 10 years, which is unheard of before! The most attractive offerings in the Mina Al Arab are the Marbella villas: Luxury beachfront villa community that features a private beach, beach club and proximity to a branded hotel. The Gateway Residences offer residential apartments with high quality finish and an infinity swimming pool overlooking the lagoon. The Northbay Residences offer ultra luxurious residential apartments that offer amenities like infinity swimming pool overlooking the ocean, a planned beachside retail area called Angel bay which is designed to keep different sections of the family entertained. Buyers prefer Mina Al Arab due to its potential to grow as many of the projects here are still under development.
Then there’s Al Hamra Village which offers one of the most unique combinations in the whole of the UAE, it offers Seafront living and an 18 hole golf course within the same residential community! The most preferred reason why buyers are opting for Al Hamra village is because this is one of the most mature Freehold communities in Ras Al Khaimah and there is a special benefit of visa being offered upon property purchase. The buyer gets a three year visa, renewed till the time he/she is the property owner! There is a special offer wherein all the documentation and visa application for a period of 12 years will be handled by the developer. Add a complimentary business license on top of that! So, you when you buy a nice beachfront property for yourself, you get an awesome waterfront place to live, a visa to live legally and a business license that lets you work for yourself!
If you are looking to buy cheap beachfront homes in Ras al Khaimah, look nowhere else! Whether it’s the retirement piece of beach land you are after or the luxury lifestyle that comes with a prestigious beachfront community or just because you can’t imagine living life anywhere else but on a beach! Ras al Khaimah is the place to be! Alright then, work done? Time to hit the beach, or even better, just work from the beach!!

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