What are Capital gains?

What are Capital gains?

When you buy a  <a href=http://www.ganjina.estate> real estate in Ras al Khaimah </a>and sell it for a higher price, the difference between the selling price and the purchase price is known as capital gain. In other words, profit from selling a property for a higher price is the capital gain on the property. Capital gains may be short-term or long-term.

Short-term gain: If you sell your property within 3 years after purchasing it, the gain is called short-term capital gain.

Long-term gain: When a gain occurs from selling a property after 3 years of its purchase, it is a long-term capital gain.

Calculation of capital gain: Capital gain is the difference between the selling price or the transfer price and the total cost of acquisition of the property. The cost of acquisition includes purchase price of the property, cost incurred in registration of the real estate property in Maryland, its repairs, storage expenses, etc. In short, all the expenses of capital nature are part of the cost of acquisition.The transfer price includes commission or brokerage paid by the seller, registration fees, cost of stamp papers, traveling and litigation expenses incurred while transferring the real estate property.


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