Our Credentials

Our Credentials

Who is Ganjina Real Estate? 

Ganjina is the first 24/7 fully customer focused agency in Ras al Khaimah. Our exclusive customer care department looks after our clients. For us a client is more than a “deal” – it’s a lifetime relationship. Because it’s not about us. It’s about what we can do for you. Not only until the contracts are signed. Our team speaks eight languages and we are always there – when you need us!

What makes Ganjina different to most other agencies for owners and landlords? 

We are using in opposite to many other agencies all available technology in order to present and to promote your property in order to achieve the best available rental or sales price. We have specialists in the field of media and marketing with over 20+ years of experience. This enables us to not only do professional photos but also 360º Panorama tours and video flythroughs, so the customer can virtually visit the whole property. How this looks like you can see below on two recent examples done by Ganjina Real Estate.

This service does not cost any extra. We are doing this as part of our package free of cost for you!

List your property with us today and experience the difference: 

  1. Professional photos
  2. 360º panorama tour
  3. Professional video flythrough
  4. Active promotion via leading web portals (like propertyfinder & dubizzle)
  5. Active promotion via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
  6. 24/7 customer hotline
  7. Dedicated Customer Care department

How does the videos and panorama tours look like?

Below you see an example for a 360º panorama tour. We are embedding video and panorama tour inside the website where we present the property. We believe with a video and panorama tour you can present your property very differently. Potential tenants and buyers can do a full viewing – virtually. This can make a huge difference in compare to otherwise bad photos. We are presenting your property in the best possible way!


360º Panorama tour example we produced: 

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