Month: February 2016

Video: About Ras al Khaimah

Are you interested about Ras al Khaimah but you don’t have enough information about the emirate? Here you go. If you need more information about Ras al Khaimah or you are considering to buy or lease a property here, please contact us today info@ganjina.estate or via phone: +971 56 154 154 1. Ganjina 24/7: There […]

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Real Estate Buying and Selling tips

In purchasing a property, an interested buyer should consider the time he intends to stay in the place, since selling a house too soon would probably not be a profitable move, especially if there is instability in the market. Make sure that you stick with your price range and to minimize lower depreciation for your […]

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Playing the real estate game

Real estate investing is a game. To play it well you must understand the four financial benefits of real estate and how to maximize them. Those benefits are: 1. Cash flow 2. Equity build up (the payoff of your loan) 3. Tax benefits 4. Potential appreciation In this article we are going to look at […]

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How to avoid negative Equity in Real Estate financing

Real Estate Investment Financing is simply industry jargon for a real estate investment loan. In a bad property market where rental yields are low, the most dreaded word that you can say to a real estate investor is negative equity. So what is negative equity? It is a situation which arises when the foreclosed value […]

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What are Capital gains?

When you buy a  <a href=http://www.ganjina.estate> real estate in Ras al Khaimah </a>and sell it for a higher price, the difference between the selling price and the purchase price is known as capital gain. In other words, profit from selling a property for a higher price is the capital gain on the property. Capital gains […]

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